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We aim to bring a trusted and holistic service to our clients. We do this by concentrating on three aspects:


NYSS Trading has access to the top brands from the world leading fragrance houses. We will work with you to define your needs and our team will do the sourcing for you with the most competitive pricing. We believe our price list should always be competitive.


We have warehoueses in five partner locations across the world. We have helped our clients ship goods by air, sea and land at low costs and within tight lead times. We want to do the hard work for you.


As we operate in different regions across the world, this allows us to be responsive to your calls and emails 24 hours a day. Whether about logistics, pricing or sourcing we are on hand to create value for you. Your customer experience is important to us.


Our service model is underpinned by our brands, the following are a selection we work with from the Procter & Gamble, COTY, Clinique and PUIG houses:

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